. When we need to find some information or store online on the Internet, we don\’t have to spend exactly a second Christmas before every page is loaded and every ad is chewed over. We want instant answers to our problems. Perhaps this is why Google Chromehas become the most popular search engine.
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However, it also has some drawbacks, and for that reason may not suit everyone. In fact, Chrome primarily represents a class of modern browsers with a simple interface and basic functionality. Nevertheless, it is used by about 44% of users, putting it at the top of the list in terms of ease of use; Firefoxis half that, followed by Edgeand Safari. These are roughly the top fourInternet browsers, but there are others in line. Indeed, once people become accustomed to one approach or familiar site, they may be reluctant to switch to another system, especially the older generation.
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We cannot do without our browsers

. In addition to the four browsers mentioned above, many other alternative browsersare available. These browsers may also attract users in some way. Each may specialize in a different area, some may stand out for speed, others may offer advanced features or the temptation of safe surfing. It is true that it is difficult to find a websitewithout a browser
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when we want to find something.
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Other browsers used. This browser is also very good for searching, but has an easy to understand interface, although it is not very scalable. Its great advantage is that it is interoperable across all platforms.
Opera – The latest extended version can be said to be quite similar to Chrome, but only in appearance, otherwise you will miss some features. The lack of stability can be surprising. But of course it has its advantages, such as a clear interface and support for all systems.
Vivaldi – This is not the Opera you should be listening to, although it has some things in common with Opera. This is the browser for the original Opera users who were disappointed by its transformation into a direct competitor to Chrome. The detailed history of how we have behaved on the web is also interesting and a bit of an analysis. Its major drawback is the lack of a mobile version, which does not necessarily guarantee an increase in the number of users.

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