Firms receive increased benefits for hiring people with disabilities

Businesses get higher benefits per disabled employee. The legislators agreed to an allowance of 12,000 kronor, satisfying senators who sent the amendment back to the House of Representatives demanding an increase in the allowance.

Currently, companies receive SEK 9,500 per month to employ disabled persons. If this amount is not increased, layoffs of disabled workers are expected. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, together with Michael Marxvar (ČSSD), proposed in the original proposal to increase this allowance to SEK 10,500. The proposal was sent back by the Senate, which demanded a higher increase, but in the end the Chamber of Deputies agreed on SEK 12,000.
Finance Minister Ivan Pirnie (ANO) had opposed the increase from the beginning, saying that the hit to the national budget would be too great. \’The impact on the national budget is $500 million, and there is no room for such a thing in the proposed national budget for 2018.\’ The minister said before the vote. However, according to Minister Marksover, the ministry has funds for the increase and it is not as high as Pirnie said. \’It\’s about 300 million kroner, and we have provisionally included it in our ministry\’s budget proposal. But we are still discussing the SEK 4 billion with the Minister of Finance, and it is not at all clear who wants what or what the priorities should be.” Marksover added that the ministry is not yet completely sure about the funds. She said it could save on benefits received by jobless disabled persons.
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If you are sick, you should stay home
The amendments also strengthened the law for those receiving unemployment benefits, i.e., those on sick leave. According to the amended law, they should receive the same treatment as sick workers. That is, they should stay home, go out only at designated times, and submit sick leave slips to Hello Work.