Antivirus: Help and Protect

When you purchase a computer or other device that is a gateway to the virtual world, you should pay attention to its security. Anti-virus programs are designed to protect against external attacks launched by hackers. Viruses can cause irreversible damage to devices or send our data to places where it can be misused without us realizing it. When a virus enters a device, an antivirus can assist in its diagnosis and the subsequent process of getting rid of the virus and recovering infected data.
Many of us log into online banking to make payments. Often we make payments directly with our cards, entering data that could lead to unauthorized use or theft from our bank accounts. This is happening even while we are going about our lives without a second thought.
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We protect our computers by purchasing antivirus software and believing that these software will keep us safe. Some of the best known in our countryinclude: [19
– ESET internetová komerce.
– Norton by Symantec.
– McAfeeF-Secure [25
– F-Secure
– avast
– AVGAVGKaspersky [28
– Kaspersky Kaspersky Spohos [29
– Spohos [29] Bitdefender [30
– Bitdefender
Bitdefender [30
– Microsoft
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– Avira
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35] It is more or less possible to download an antivirus from the same manufacturer for an android mobile device. The question is whether you need an antivirus forandroid. If you are a user who downloads apps from trusted sources, primarily from Google\’s Play Store, the threat is minimal. This is becauseGoogle recognizes trusted apps and will not allow dangerous apps or uninstall them remotelyif a threat arises. Thus, devices with updated operating systems are more protected, even without antivirus on the device. However, there is a measure of skepticism as hackers and technology also continue to evolve.

Card paymentsare protected through payment centers. companies that provide secure payments through payment gateways. In our country, these include PayU, GoPay, Aaron (Paython), and Agmo. Once the card information is entered, the payment gateway communicates with the merchant, the bank, and the card association for verification. Additionally, entering a transaction codeguarantees payment, and this code is sent to an authorized email or phone number. Thus, the entire transaction is secured by the payment gateway aggregator.

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