How to tell if an email is from a bank

Banks, like other businesses, often send emails to their customers with invoices and various offers. However, this is also used by fraudsters, who often try to access our data by impersonating our bank. They often send a link to a fake login page, where we enter our details but cannot enter the bank, but the sender of the message can obtain that information and log in without any problems.

Clearly, we should be aware of these scams if we do not want to lose money. Certainly, most banks use the so-called two-step system, which requires not only a login and password, but also another authentication system, such as a code sent by text message, a PIN, or a fingerprint, but not all banks do.

v bance máme často většinu svých peněz

So it is always a good idea to be careful and check if the text message is really from your bank. But it may not be easy to know. Fortunately, there are certain things we can look for.

First is the sender\’s e-mail address. This often has a different ending. Usually, bank emails end with, but such scam emails include, for example, Here, however, it is necessary to know exactly what address the bank has, and such trivial details are often overlooked.

internet je dnes využíván i k podvodům

In addition, they often contain misspellings, grammatical errors, and phrases not found in official messages. This often begins with a different address than the one used by the bank and continues throughout the text. Of course, as scams become more sophisticated, these features disappear.

So how can we be sure? The easiest way is to check everything on the bank\’s official website, or to call the bank if you receive a message that there is a problem. However, never click on links received in this way, unless you want to share your banking information with a third party. This will not yield good results.

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