Time of use

When walking around town, one often meets people looking at their cell phones. After all, it is easy to get used to such conveniences. Cell phones are connected to the Internet, so we can keep up with what is going on in the world, plus more. However, using the device for hours every day, in the process taking us away from the real world

mobilní telefon

within reasonable limits, does not harm, but on the contrary, enriches us, However, one should not overdo anything. This issue is often brought up with children because they have so much free time and electronic devices seem to be an ideal pastime. Setting a daily time limit and allowing sensible apps would be better than sitting in front of electronics all day with, for example, horror games. It should also be remembered that modern technology is no substitute for a group of children playing together on a playground, for example.

Work or play

Without a doubt, it all depends on how you spend time on your cell phone. These social networks are very interesting because you follow authors who add content according to your preferences. It\’s not a bad idea to watch some, write to friends, or see how your friends are doing, but following one article after anotherfor an hour at a timeis not a very efficient use of time. Set a timer on your app to give you time to do something in the real world.

focení mobilem

Mobile, on the other hand, is a way to make money especially since many people need it to work. Social networking may also be necessary for this, as it can be used successfully for marketing. In other words, this use of cell phones is something else entirely. Still, one should stay away from screens and avoid taking them just before bedtime. Electronic device screens have been shown to affect sleep disturbancesalong with increased workload .

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