I remember my brother running up to me crying and telling me someone had stolen his cell phone. I did not want to believe it at all. How could someone steal a cell phone in this day and age? After all, everything is encrypted and guarded now, and all new cell phones have GPS or some sort of tracking device. Besides, I don\’t see how a thief could be useful. After all, my brother already had a 4 year old cell phone that wasn\’t very cosmetically pleasing. Since the aesthetics also meant that it wasn\’t what it used to be, I figured it was more likely that my brother had forgotten it somewhere and dropped it out of his pocket than that someone had stolen his old cell phone. I think his cell phone was barely usable. In my opinion, my brother\’s cell phone had run its course. I think my brother left it somewhere

Já mám ráda novější mobily.

My brother was 19 at the time. He was very sensitive, so he cried at every little thing, like when he lost something cute, something kind, something. And the poor little brother had already lost four cell phones in a year, so I have no idea how he could do that. But that\’s why buying a used cell phone from a thrift store or from a friend is really cool.

Bratr má i staré mobily.

Cell phones are also expensive, but not as expensive as my brother\’s new store bought. Eventually, my brother\’s cell phone was found. And it was under a table in the pub. My brother was embarrassed because we realized that he must have gotten drunk again and left his cell phone in the pub or restaurant. My brother promised to moderate his drinking, never leave his cell phone on a chair or table, and honestly always put his cell phone in his jeans pocket or jacket pocket. Just like that, he never lost his cell phone or misplaced it anywhere.

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