Why Everything Takes so Long

Large retailers have pledged to switch from cage eggs to eggs by 2025.Animal rights activists across the Czech Republic are now fighting.Even the Internet petition “How to take it” is running to draw attention to the appalling practices of large-scale agriculture that are happening in our country and have long been banned in other modern and developed countries in Europe.
slepice a kuřata
That\’s not to say that it\’s not a good idea, because consumers only buy quality eggs when they know that chickens have not been caged somewhere in their lifetime and have not eaten each other. But what is striking for some is the question: “Why does it take so long?” Why don\’t they ban it now.“. Like life, in the economic world, this also applies to social life, unless we have a revolution or something like that, change cannot be forced immediately, and it\’s a completely different coffee. Change, especially such intervention in the economy, is undoubtedly a ban on breeding cages, which requires time. The right solution must be found as cheap as possible, to adapt the production environment (breeding in this case), and this requires years of planning, and above all a good pressure on the importer and breeder is the ban on the sale of such eggs in wholesalers, which will definitely force the breeder to reconsider his breeding techniques.
žlutá číslice

If something should be done properly, it should not be in a hurry

A lot can happen in 7 years, and countless chickens will suffer for several more years, but it is important to note that it will come. But economic intervention requires something in return, in this case, first of all, it\’s time. It should be noted that cage breeding is the most effective and profitable, but not suitable for 21 environments. A century when we stop even economically perceiving animals as mere chunks of meat and fat. But this is also important for the overall “restructuring” of the consumer economy into an ecological and friendly economy, which is undoubtedly decisive for many states of the modern world. Even if the older generation still prioritizes price over quality, manufacturers must realize this, because there are large younger generations who immediately have completely different ideals and are accustomed to another world.