If you are already developing a concept, product or service within your company or other community, launch a website. That way, you don\’t have to write out a complicated explanation in a promotional flyer every time you want to promote it to your customers, just one small useful link. There, everything about yourself, your products, and your store will be clearly described. Easier said than done, of course, but for someone who doesn\’t know much about websites, making the request can be tricky.
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Put yourself in the user\’s shoes

First and foremost, you need a domain name, more specifically, a free domain. The domain name should be simple, easy to remember, and contain as few hyphens, numbers, etc. as possible. Next,
the logo, company name, andgood navigationshould be clear. This will ensure a smooth transition for customers on the site. For example, they should not get stuck on a subpage and be unable to return to the home page from there.
Many of us surf the web regularly. Do you prefer to access websites from a desktop or mobile browser? Your customers would probably prefer to connect from a mobile device as well. So,offer them a frustration-free experience by using responsive design. Responsive design should generate different versions of pages for different devices, i.e., variations in screen size.
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For your own purposes, I recommend connecting your site to severalstatistical systems. One of the most widely used is Google Analytics along with Google Tag Manager. Here you can observe a lot of data about your visitors – where they came from, how much time they spent, whether they put products in the cart. Through this, you can analyze your shortcomings or the effectiveness of your paid advertising and social media. [e.g.,
– hours of operation
– contact information
– description of services, including price list (e.g., if you offer hairdressing or manicure services)
– reviews or samples of work
– or even create useful content for your customers through blog posts or articles can be.


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