Winter takes a toll on every car. Changes in outside temperatures, salt and other chemical treatments on the road, or grit are definitely not good for a car\’s body and chassis. If we want our coveted sheetmetal to be ready for faithful use throughout the season, we have a lot of work ahead of us. It needs consistent maintenance. Basically, it\’s not that we can\’t continue to drive without any problems, but maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan and, moreover, ensure that the car we are sitting in is in perfect condition. Furthermore,preparing your car for the summer season
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is not just about changing tires.
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– 17]Regular car washingshould never be neglected, and this is already done during the winter months. Washing the car in freezing cold weather should be avoided. Ideally, the outside should be washed every 14 days and the inside once a month.
– The application of protective wax should not be underestimated. This will ensure treatment
of the bodywork.
– 23] The wheels and undercarriage are really damaged and need to be washed well from salt and dirt. It would be a good idea to look at the wheels as well. If they are to be stored until the next winter, they should be washed and cleaned.
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– When cleaning, one should not forget topolish the windows,polish the interior, clean the interior lining and plastics,and
wash the wheels. After all, we cannot just wash the outside and leave the rest to them. Or, as the old saying goes, “The outside is hazed, the inside is hazed.” It\’s easy to paint the inside with dirt and salt.
– What aboutair conditioners
? No kidding, those traps allow mold and bacteria to grow. Ideally, of course, they should be disinfected before summer. Skilled car owners can do this work themselves. Others can use a car wash or go to a service station, where they can check the condition and replenish the air conditioning to cope with the tropical temperatures.
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– The winter antifreeze should be replaced with summer antifreeze, the oil checked, and, most importantly, the condition of the bulbs rechecked.

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