Corporate strategy – It is the first tool in the process of fulfilling the stated mission of a company. At the same time, it implies the intentional and proactive shaping of the company\’s strategic goals, its activities, and the selection of tools and procedures to effectively achieve those goals through the optimal use of resources and opportunities.
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Corporate strategy includes:
– Procedures that ensure profitability;

that supports the optimal use of resources;


that create competitive advantages;

strategie a marketing

– Attract and retain customers,
– help prevent crisis situations,
– help establish corporate social security,
; [18
– Ensure strong cooperation with suppliers,
; strategie a marketing.
strategie a marketing
A company\’s strategy is a set of guidelines for decision-making, a means of integrating the company as a whole, a guide for competitive struggle, a tool for achieving competitive advantage, but it also serves an economic function.
The strategy of an enterprise implies a constant development of the enterprise organization, which consists of the involvement of all the objectives and means of the enterprise, and is carried out in such a way that the demands of the main interest groups are met not only within the enterprise, but also outside of it.

Three pillars support the corporate strategy:

Future vision – Dominant strategic goals must be established and corporate policies must be formulated.
2) Analysis of the environment – through which development trends are also determined.
3) Analysis of the company\’s internal strengths – it is necessary to analyze the company\’s weaknesses and strengths.

Corporate strategy model:

– First, it is necessary to establish the basic concept and formulate the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the enterprise.
– Next, a strategic analysis needs to be conducted.
– Then the search for alignment takes place.
– Next, a corporate strategy is selected, but before that, certain options are identified and evaluated, and only then is the selection itself made.
– The strategy is then processed, or a final version of the strategy is processed.
– This is followed by the execution of the strategy.
– The existing strategy is then modified.
– The final step required is a review of the strategy.

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