We live in a time when people are just rushing around and in their haste have somehow forgotten how to be polite to others! This is not news to many, but have you noticed that behavior in the medical field has also deteriorated considerably? Not to mention care, but we\’ll talk about that another time. Have you noticed? Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones.

čekárna u lékaře

Most of the population visits the doctor only when they really need it, that is, when they get sick, and they pay little attention to preventive check-ups! Indeed, the inhuman attitude of some nurses and doctors has been around for some time, but is now perhaps a new trend.

The first person we always talk to is the nurse who refers us to the doctor. However, if that nurse does not treat us well, we feel annoyed instead. It should not only be the nurse, but also the doctor or the specialist we see.

After such a visit, what kind of reluctance does the patient have to first try self-treatment and not see a medical professional if it is not effective?

The question is, why do people indulge in such behavior and do nothing about it?

teploměr a léky

So there is not much choice but to complain! There are few doctors in any field, but that doesn\’t mean that doctors are gods and can do anything.

If you have a problem, you can always complain directly to your supervisor, the Czech Medical Chamber, or even to the insurance company if that doctor has a contract with them. There is also the option of changing medical staff, but honestly, it will take time to find another doctor, which will not improve things much. Don\’t worry, don\’t lose out on undignified treatment!

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