As already mentioned, the animated film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2008. It was released in the United States on June 8, 2008, and in the Czech Republic on July 3, 2008, 24 days after its US release.
Majorcharacters were dubbed by the following actors:: JACKBLACK(Poe),DUSTINHOFFMAN(Master Thief),IAN MCSHANE (Tai Long),ANGELINA JOLIE (Master Tigress),JACKIECHAN(Master Tiger), SETH ROGEN(MasterMantis), LUCY LIU ( MasterMistress), DAVISCROSS(MasterCrane), RANDALL DUK KIM (Master Ugwai), JAMES HONG (Mr. Ping, Po\’s adopted father).

kung fu panda
The story unfolds as Poe imagines himself asleep and fighting along with his five fears. When he wakes up, he goes to help his father (he is a houseguest, Poe never asked why he is there) in the family restaurant. Master Ugwazi waves his hand and it becomes clear that Tai Lang has invaded the Valley of Peace. Shifu sends a messenger to the prison where Tai Lang is, to make sure that Tai Lang has not escaped. The day arrives when Master Ugwuai must choose a new Dragon Warrior. Mr. Ping sends Po to the palace to sell noodles. But Po doesn\’t know anything about noodles, he just wants to know who will be the new Dragon Warrior. Coincidentally, Po gets right in the middle of the action and Master Ugwai chooses Po. According to Shifu, a fat panda cannot be the Dragon Warrior. Fat pandas cannot become dragon warriors according to Shifu. Shifu first tries to get Po out of the palace, but Po refuses to leave. Shifu discovers that Po has mastered the art of kung fu due to hunger and hastily trains him in the art with food. Po receives a dragon scroll, but after training with Shifu, he realizes that the scroll is empty. Taj Lang tries to stop Dragon Five, but is completely unsuccessful. He leaves the temple and goes to his father to tell him everything. Taj Lung sneaks into the palace and almost kills Shifu. He and Taj Lun have an intense and fierce duel in the middle of the Valley of Peace. He uses a special style of kung fu, but Taj Lung cannot understand why his techniques do not work on pandas. Taj Lung takes the dragon scroll during the fight, but he cannot understand it, just as Po could not understand him. Po explains it to him. In the end, Tai Lung is defeated by a self-taught technique he learned called the “Cage of Kooing.” He becomes the valley\’s savior, and both Five and Shifu recognize Po as a true kung fu master.

kulaté kliky
Humor, action, and one fat panda add to the good taste, making this a fairy tale for all ages.

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