Discussions in public networks and questions on online consultation sites show that most of the public does not have accurate information about the types of support available from the state. Very often there is a general designation of maternity leave despite the fact that it is not taken for a long period of time. Both financial assistance and benefits are based on the mother\’s length of service and the parents\’ income. In other words, certain criteria must be met in order to receive financial assistance. Assistance for families with children includes maternity assistance, child care allowance, maternity allowance, and child allowance.
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Maternity allowance is the first benefit to which a woman is entitled under certain conditions. Maternity benefits are only available to mothers who have been covered by accident insurance for at least 270 days during the two years preceding the start of maternity leave taken 8-6 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Therefore, not all women are eligible for the benefit, as it is contingent on their employment. Women who are unemployed or have not worked for the required period of time are not eligible to receive the benefit and are only entitled to the child care allowance. This benefit is covered by sickness insurance, as is the sickness benefit. The amount of the benefit is determined by the woman\’s previous earnings. The duration of the benefit is 28 weeks.
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Child care allowance
Upon completion of maternity leave, all women receive a child care allowance. This applies even to mothers who are not eligible for maternity benefits; the child care allowance is paid from the date of the child\’s birth. The father of the child may also apply for and receive the allowance, but he must only fulfill the condition that he is responsible for the child\’s personal care full-time. The total amount paid is SEK 220,000, which can be divided over a period of up to four years. If a parent wishes to receive the benefit for a shorter period of time and wants to receive a larger monthly amount, the same conditions as for the maternity allowance must be met. However, the maximum amount of the parental allowance is SEK 11,500 per month.

Unlike the child care allowance, which is available to all parents caring for a child, only low-income families are eligible for the maternity allowance. The maternity allowance is a one-time benefit to assist with the high costs associated with childbirth. Household income must be less than 2.7 times the minimum subsistence level.
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A long-term benefit for low-income families. It is based on the age of the child and the family\’s standard of living.

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