What is love? Love is a relationship between two people who satisfy each other\’s needs. It is problematic when one or the other believes that he or she is giving more love and demands the same in return. This is not possible, because we are different beings, with different needs and demands, and different abilities to fulfill the other\’s desires. Partner love is the ability to understand the other, to respect their wishes and desires, and to be helpful in meeting their needs. On the other hand, it is not desirable to usurp the other, to make demands of the other, to want to know details about the other\’s past, or to want to know where and how the other spends his or her time not spent with me. In love, it is also necessary to maintain freedom. Love with a partner does not necessarily mean that we must spend all of our time together in a day.

blízkost partnerů

Some partners may be comfortable with that. However, problems arise when one partner prefers freedom and the other prefers to share from morning to night.

Rational partners know that even in a loving relationship, they need to take a break from each other from time to time. This means that it is good to keep up the hobbies and interests that you had before you met your partner. When you fall in love and give up your dreams and hobbies because you want to spend every moment of your life with your partner, that is the beginning of the end. Do not be unfaithful to your partner! Allow yourself and him personal space. Let everyone have free time to relax and spend time with friends and associates. It doesn\’t matter if it\’s man-to-man talk over a pint of beer (unless your partner comes back heavily intoxicated), and according to your partner, talking about nothing is a waste of time.
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Learn not to criticize your partner and not to criticize his or her leisure activities. How he spends his leisure time is entirely up to him. He may argue that your “misogyny” and talk of fashion, children, and dieting is totally out of place. That\’s not true. To each his own.

If he likes you, and you like him, and you trust and support each other, then it is only natural to let the other person “breathe” in the relationship, to take time out and indulge each other.

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