Building or remodeling a home requires many permits under the building code. If you are building a house, the Part E project documents must include scaffolding as part of the site. Scaffolding is usually provided by a construction company or you can rent it yourself.
Even if you are building a house on your own lot,scaffoldingmay be required. Scaffolding is an essential part of building or renovating a house, such as roofing, plastering, wall insulation, etc., but it requires the use of part of the neighbor\’s land. We will advise you in advance what to do in such cases.
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It does not matter how much of the neighbor\’s land must be used for scaffolding. In all cases, the landowner\’s consent should be obtained in advance and always in writing. This can be a very simpleagreement. It states that the landowner agrees to use his land for a certain period of time to carry out your construction work (scaffolding). The agreement may also specify indemnification for damages which always depends on what kind of neighborly relationship you have. If you are building a new home in this situation, or renovating an older home that you purchased, you probably do not yet know your neighbors properly. In this case, you can motivate them with a financial quid pro quo or a deposit to cover damages, etc. Before building or renovating a house, this should be carefully considered and a written agreement should be drawn up. Once the building work is completed, you are obligated to restore your neighbor\’s land to its original condition.
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However, if you cannot reach an agreement with your neighbor, you can take legal action against the building authority or the court.27]
As far as building authorities are concerned, even interpretations not listed as obligatory in the Building Code may, depending on the relevant building authority You should be aware that there are cases in which an interpretation may be adapted in accordance with custom and regulation. However, you will soon find out such things for yourself.

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