Solid wood or laminate?

It may seem so, but both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on the type of home you have or want to have. Price as well as the durability of the material used is important.
Solid Wood
The advantages of solid wood are undeniable. It is the long-term durability of the material. Items purchased in solid wood will last for years. Furniture can be painted any color you want. Also, if solid wood furniture is handled gently, it can be made to look luxurious. Remember, you can use sandpaper to remove minor imperfections and scratches. Then, a fresh coat of paint or varnish will make the furniture look like new.masivní nábytek.jpg
However, there are several disadvantages. The first and most important is probably the high purchase price. Inexpensive solid wood furniture is usually not of high quality and often only the visible parts of the furniture are solid wood. The rest has nothing to do with solid wood at all. You also have to decide whether you want softwood or hardwood furniture. Hardwood is more durable, but if you have small children or animals, hardwood will not hold up either. It is a real shame when expensive furniture is damaged by animals or children.kuchyň z lamina.jpg

Let me first list the advantages of this material. The first is price. The purchase cost is really minimal, and even large pieces of furniture can be obtained at almost minimal cost with a little searching and luck. However, we must not forget that furniture must also be durable. That is why it is better to choose the mid-priced line. Another advantage is the lightness of the material. An entire piece of furniture as large as a wardrobe weighs only a fraction of the weight of the same solid wood wardrobe. The materials used are also thinner. The advantage is that the purchase price is low, so one can always use new furniture without hesitation.
The disadvantages are clear. Laminate furniture does not last long. If you are looking for furniture that will last for generations to come, this type of furniture is really not for you. Added to this is the fact that damage to laminate furniture is not easily repaired and occurs very easily. All it takes is exposure to steam, water, or animals to leave nothing but unsightly and irreparable scratches.