You are over 17 years old, married out of pure love. They met and a strange liquid sparked between them. That\’s what it means to fall in love. Unfortunately, the infatuation lasts only for the first few years and then slowly fades away due to the daily life you have started living together. Then they recognize each other\’s good qualities, share their experiences, communicate their wishes and desires, and start a family together for the sake of their unborn children.

dvojice muž se ženou se radostně objímají

But love must nourish itself as we nourish ourselves. Without kindness, excitement, new experiences together, laughter, joy, family, and stimulation, love fades. We must honor and respect the other. With love, nothing is an obstacle. You like to surprise each other with all sorts of pleasant surprises. A man gives his wife a bouquet of flowers at least occasionally, but it need not immediately be a bouquet of 50 red roses. On the contrary, even a tender spring lily, lovingly handed to a lover, can tell him that his partner bought it with him in mind. Likewise, a wife can surprise her partner by inviting him to a game of his favorite club sport, even if she herself does not play that sport.

něžná kytička konvalinek

It is not a burden for the wife to accompany her husband to his dream match, because she has succeeded in fulfilling his dream and is happy to share it with him, rather than forcing herself to do so for the sake of family tranquility.
A husband invites his wife to a classical music concert, which she loves more than anything else, and she always surprises her loved one. The husband is an avowed pop singer, but he is honored to accompany his wife to the concert, to show her to her box seat, to cherish her throughout the concert, to accompany her, and to lovingly and safely take her home. This is called love .
We live for each other, but also have our own interests and hobbies. Still, it is great to give the other person time without regret and share their interests, even if they are not your priorities. Just don\’t be head-over-heels. You just want to.

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