The most important principle is to install good quality winter tires. Although the law does not impose a direct obligation to fit winter tires in winter (winter tires are not necessary in places where it does not snow or freeze), it is advisable to fit winter tires for the safety of yourself and other road users. Unlike snow tires, winter tires have a different hardness and material composition. As a result, they have superior characteristics at low temperatures. They have shorter braking distances and better grip when cornering. They also have a different tread pattern than summer tires, which makes them better suited to expel moisture and especially snow. Depending on the expected conditions, we also buy different types of tires. There are special tires for driving in snow and ice, snow and rain, and snow and mud.
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Winter tires are not the only thing that must be done before winter sets in. One thing in particular that must not be forgotten is to check the coolant. There should be enough freeze-resistant fluid in the cooling system. You can add your own antifreeze, or you can ask a mechanic to check the lighting and brake system as well
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. If the rubber bands are still not functioning perfectly, their effectiveness is likely to be even worse as the temperatures get cooler and the rubber bands get a little stiffer. So try not to delay replacing your windshield wipers.
Now, we are equipped for winter driving. If you expect to go into the mountains, don\’t forget to pack snow chains. Chains will save you from the pain of driving on icy snow-covered roads. If you have never worn snow chains, give them a try while it is warm. Some skill will be invaluable, as your fingers will be frozen when you actually need them.
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And one more thing. Shovels, brooms, scrapers, and blankets come in handy in the winter. These gadgets take up little space but may come in handy. Have a safe trip.

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