We spend more time on our phones every day than is healthy. We keep in touch with relatives, friends, and partners; we play all kinds of games to distract us from our daily worries and responsibilities; we download the latest apps that remind us of important events and make our lives easier. But most of us, especially young people, spend most of our time on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. From a very young age, parents let their young children have cell phones without setting up various measures to prevent inappropriate content on cell phones. Children are exposed to a reality on their cell phones that is very different from the reality in which they are supposed to grow up, and their development is greatly affected by it.


In this respect, earlier times were right. Young children spent their mornings and evenings outdoors with their friends and siblings, jumping in mud, climbing trees, building bunkers, and playing crazy games. They may have gone home with scraped knees, but at least they didn\’t spend their childhood at home in front of a screen all day like kids today. Today\’s children are deprived of many pleasures. They may find it annoying to spend time outside with their friends. But you could write together, couldn\’t you? You could do it together, but you don\’t know what you\’re doing. They don\’t jump in puddles or play hide-and-seek. Instead, they try to set new records in their favorite games. The moment a parent puts a cell phone with an interesting animal game on it in a child\’s hand, you can bet you won\’t hear from the child for the rest of the day.They will quietly figure out what mom or dad gave them and how it works.


But is it the right solution to entertain your offspring? It is not. Even if it is not clear at the time, over time it becomes clear that the child is not getting the attention it needs from its parents. The child may later become distant from the parent, but the parent will never know why, much less suspect themselves or their innocent screen. We should consider how we raise our children. After all, we want what is best for them.

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