If someone has already decided to visit your website, you should definitely remember that it is similar to a client or potential client coming to your company headquarters. The so-called homepage is the real reception your clients will encounter and will clearly affect the success of your website. This is because you must remember that most visitors to a website spend a few seconds deciding whether or not to continue browsing that website. Therefore, you may be wondering what to put on this website to make sure that potential and already existing customers do not run away and stay.
hladina na ploše
Be specific!
When someone comes to your website, they definitely need to know from the homepage what the website is about, what the essence of the company is, and what the website is for. If they don\’t get this information, they will leave. We believe that not only you, but anyone these days, is not interested in having to do a complicated search on a website to actually find its essence.
That is why it is necessary for clients to understand what the website is for on the homepage and to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Create an attractive website! If visitors find a website confusing, ugly, and unappealing, they will certainly not be interested in the next page. Therefore, if you want to attract clients, your website should have nice graphics, font styles, images, and a well-chosen color combination. Clients are definitely more likely to stay on a modern site than one that looks like it was created by someone from the last century.

The home page is most important!
As mentioned earlier, the first contact with the site is the most important, so the few seconds the client spends on the landing page really makes a difference. This is the key to a successful website. Look at such a website from the perspective of a client who does not know where he or she is. As you look at this page, think especially about these questions:
Do you like the graphics?
As a stranger to this page, are you interested in the colors? Whether or not you like the fonts used. Whether or not you like the pictures on this page.
příroda na obrazovkách
It\’s easy to lose a client because of ugly graphics, but it takes a lot of effort, money, and time to get them back! Think about that first and foremost!

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