Why buy what?

Women shop more often but do not spend as much as men. Women like to buy new clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. However, they spend more money on alcohol, cigarettes, and food. These are definitely categories that can be saved. Quit or limit alcohol and cigarettes, put food in the cart in quantities that can be digested, considering expiration dates, and buy only what you really need.Whether they buy this or that, we agree that they prefer sale items. They are willing to spend about 50% of their spending on discounted items

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Online shopping is no less popular. More choices and the convenience of home are the main advantages of online shopping. Especially during the Christmas season, shoppers appreciate the fact that they do not have to crowd shopping malls or wait in endless lines. Cash on delivery is the most popular delivery method, followed by online payment by credit card.

Why shop?

Women shop because ofpremenstrual syndromeorovulation. They want to make themselves happy, feel good, and triumph over hormonal emotions. But in general, the main reasons people shop are because they need something (groceries), because they are out of something (toilet paper), because they want to look good (jewelry), because they want to cheer up, because it is on sale, because they like a certain brand, because they need to buy a gift, because they need to buy something that is in demand. because I need to buy something in demand (textbooks), or because I like to reward myself (good food, etc.).
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What do you spend the most money on?




5.Household goods





4.Designer clothes and shoes

5.Things for yourself, hobbies

I believe that the ideal relationship is not about arguing who spent more money, but agreeing to respect the other They believe that the ideal relationship is not about arguing over who spent more money, but about agreeing to respect the other person. If we find a common way to manage our finances, we do not have to worry about where our finances are going.