If you are going to travel to a vacation destination in Czech Republic, you need to plan everything thoroughly in advance. Not only should you choose your destination so that you do not cross the country in an illogical way, but you should also consider the roads you will use, where you will stay, and the possibility of individual campsites.

Krása Čech

Once you have a list of places you want to visit on your vacation, we recommend that you arrange them so that your route follows an arc route. For example, it makes no sense to head east, then cross somewhere to the west, then head east again. It is better to move from place to place gradually and proceed in such a way that the crossing distance does not become too long. It is certainly not fun to be in a car seat on a holiday.

Spend at least two nights in each location. In addition to exploring the main destinations, keep in mind secondary activities and agendas.

Consider the height of your caravan when planning your itinerary. Caravans are about 1.5 meters high; motorhomes are a bit taller. If you forget to fold the aerial, the rig is already high enough to be an obstacle in your path in the form of some low-positioned passageway. This could be an old bridge, or under a power line suspended by amateurs.

Svoboda pohybu

These are exceptional situations, but they can happen. Especially in places where the road to be repaired is detoured along a lower grade road due to traditional Czech holiday road closures. In such cases, use extreme caution when at the wheel and alert the passenger sitting next to you. This is because the combination of car and trailer, which can exceed 12 meters in length, is very complicated to back up and turn.Check to see if electrical hookups are available at the campground where you plan to stay.

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