It is not easy to deal with people who have negative opinions about you or verbally attack you. But it is even worse to hear criticism that is out of place and not be able to accept it. You cannot count on encountering only praise and positive reactions to everything you do in life.

Criticism should always be something that strengthens you, encourages you to learn from your mistakes and avoid them next time.
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Negativity is not good

You have certainly heard less than pleasant evaluations of yourself, and in some ways you could not relate at all. While it is natural to react to negative opinions directed at you, it is not right to resist the idea that they might be true.

Common sense allows one to determine the context in which the criticism is relevant and to clarify whether it is justified or not.17]

However, if one has come to the conclusion that those around him or her are right, he or she does not have to deny the fact that he or she does not think so and support There is no need to deny and endorse the fact that you disagree. Only by accepting that you are a man who makes mistakes, will you be better in the eyes of others. The man who claims to be perfect – no one needs that to live, to work, to build relationships.
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I can\’t stand being in a large group of people

There is a big difference between hearing criticism of yourself from someone speaking alone and having to endure the pressure and stares of several people criticizing something all together.

We always cope better with the fact that we can get better at something before those around us start thinking we are impossible and worthless.

In this regard, the psyche can wreak havoc, often thanks to someone hacking into your self-esteem, which can bring on depression. In this case, there is only one thing you can do: take responsibility for your actions and face the situation like an adult who will make amends in the future.

How to stay on top of things? 31]

You are easily swept away by everything. Wasting time on the fact that someone has made a snide criticism against you is a total waste of time. Always take it as a benefit to move you forward and learn from the mistakes you have made. For even the bad things have a positive impact on your life.

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