What should I use to inflate my tires?

The front and rear tire pressure can be checked on the label on the door pillar by the driver\’s door or in the car handbook. It can also be easily found by searching the Internet for information on the car model. Tire pressure tends to vary between the two axles, even when driving a fully loaded vehicle with people in all seats and a full trunk.
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It is not always possible to check tires at a gas station

Under normal driving conditions, driving to a gas station is not a problem. If you are lucky enough to have a working compressor or a portable tire inflation tank, it is literally a simple matter to check your tires and inflate them to the required level.
However, there are times when a gas station is far away or you have just changed to summer tires and need to inflate them at home. Inflating at home is more convenient and fun, but only if you have the right helpers. Not many people have powerful compressors at home that cost thousands of kroner, so let\’s focus on the common situation of the “average” driver. Using modern technology, one can either inflate the tires with a small compressorthat connects to a 12V connector in the cabin, or one can use the compressor to inflate the tires
. Such technological equipment is often a great help, but one should be wary of very inexpensive, low-quality products. Pressure gauges may not read the pressure correctly or may not perform well enough. Such compressors can usually run continuously for only 10 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of overheating and asphyxiation. The compressor should also have an on/off switch, so there is no need to dash to the driver\’s seat of the car and pull the plug out of the socket. The tricky problem tends to be with connectors, and a lever mechanism that can hold the hose in place with enough force while pushing on the valve is best. It is easier to handle than a straight threaded connector.
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Proven Hand Pump

A proven method of inflating tires is thehand pump. It may take a little sweat, but it does not depend on the car\’s battery. It is preferable to obtain a pump with a built-in pressure gauge. There are quite a few choices on the market, with both steel and plastic tubing. Hand pumps have a reducer at the end and can be used to inflate bicycles, paddling pools, air mattresses, kickballs, etc. Hand pumps must be sturdy enough and designed for inflating car tires. They are not as powerful as hand pumps and often overheat.