Drivers must have a safe view of the road

Winter not only brings unpleasant conditions on roads and parking lots. Particularly unpleasant arefrozen windows covered with snow,not to mention fogged windows that bring dew into the car.Neither is pleasant for anyone, and until everything is in place for safe driving, it is a waste of time. They also damage the interiorand can lead to corrosion of components. Fortunately, we live in a time when manufacturers are not resting on their laurels,so we can buy new productsthat are the talk of the market. It\’s a brand new car dehumidifierthat frees occupants from annoying fogging.

auto v zimě

But it also has other advantages:

  • It absorbs moisture
  • It absorbs various odors
  • It prevents fogging and freezing of the interior glass
  • It prevents the growth of various molds and bacteria and is corrosion free.
  • Does not require a power source to work, which is a big advantage
  • The device is equipped with a colorimetric hygrometer that changes color according to the current humidity, giving a basically perfect overview

It is called FoggyStop

It can be used with cloth and other miscellaneous props. Forget about other miscellaneous props. What keeps the windows from fogging and freezing up is a special filling that can keep the humidity below the dew point,
essentially abag that can be fastenedanywhere in the car. According to the instructions, it needs to be cared for, but it is enough to microwave it and follow the instructions exactly. The bag will last for three years, which is really helpful during dry seasons.

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Better than scraping

Fogging inside the car is caused by condensationwhich sticks to cold glass. Unfortunately, this is partly due, for example,to the crew\’s clothes being wet,in fact, even snowon their shoes can be sufficient. Not to mention actual breathinguntil the car warms up. 68]You can\’t stop other things from happening,and scraping it off is ineffective unless the car is warm enough,
and since it has been scraped off, it melts and the moisture comes out again, so the application is repeated after a turn. It\’s like a bad carousel. This product prevents that.