The goal of every article or text you create and publish is two. The 1st is to go intonaturalsearchin google or a list, and the 2nd is conversion. Today we will look at the first one. Natural selection is more fun for users than paid advertising, so you can benefit far more from the results. To get there, you need to use an algorithm.
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The algorithm is unknown, but a few things are obvious. What is important, for example, is that Google provides only relevant links to users. From countless sites, we try to choose what is really beneficial for people. Quality is very important.Focus on content, but keep an eye on other aspects as well.

The Golden Rule

Control is the key to success. We were taught it in style at school. If you want to write something or buy an article, read it. 3 cheers if you enjoy it and want to read it somewhere. Have what you need. If not, don\’t edit, rewrite, or publish it at all. Bad text will hurt your reputation and will definitely not help you build a good reputation.
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Usefulness in the first place

Of course, quality is important, especially when it comes to content. If you do not write anything, no one will read it. Only publish if you have something to say. This applies to companies and bloggers. If the article is not interesting to people, valuable and useful, forget about it.
The ideal is when you create everything yourself. If you do not have talent, both grammatically and stylistically, leave the work to someone else. However, make sure you really know the product or service and don\’t change the author too much. For example, it is best to have only 1 partner who has a long-term relationship.

Always share the original

A very important advice is not to repeat yourself. The worst thing you can do is post the exact same text on several different sites. It is not necessary to rewrite everything, but slightly change each text so that it does not look monotonous. Show your client that you are creative and do not have to repeat yourself.

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