It’s not a shame

You might be interested in her dating profile. Perhaps you met on Facebook or through mutual friends while playing online games. But if you first met your loved one on the net, then you probably know that even today you still see through their fingers on such a date “Who are you still writing with?””He\’s a desperate man anyway. “He is a suspect. “He will not last.”Well, you probably know it yourself. There is nothing wrong with online dating. We live in accelerated time, we spend more and more time alone, and vice versa, the share of time we spend online is growing. On the Internet, you can shop, have fun and work. So no wonder courtship and relationships are also moving there.
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” A friend met a really hot guy on the Internet, and he turned out to be an old man on a date.”Yes, some people actually impersonate someone else on the Internet. This also happens in the offline world. A beautiful woman with a beautiful smile can turn out to be semetrik, an elegant man with gray hair somehow a woman and 3 children waiting for him at home Online dating is no more dangerous than meeting at a bar or a party. On the contrary, you have full control over when and under what conditions you will meet or not. No one will drag you into a dark alley in a defenseless moment or stare at you strangely all night long.
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The Internet is also a salvation for introverts who don\’t have the courage to reach out to someone in real life. It is said that it was a place where interesting friends came. The usual hi” network at the beginning of the story. anyway. Great, contacts established. He does not answer. Do not worry, continue. There are a lot of people on the Internet, and definitely someone is waiting for you. And you will be asked the next time: “How did you get to know each other?””Proudly answer” on the net.”Even your parents don\’t believe the story of a broken car.

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