I always wanted a cell phone that was big and, above all, had a large memory. I wanted to download all sorts of apps onto my phone. To be honest, I didn\’t really need apps. It was just that everyone around me had them. So in order to keep up with them, to stay on the road, of course I wanted that. When my parents gave me a very cool, high-end cell phone for my birthday, I loaded up about 15 different apps. Well, some of the mobile apps were pretty nifty and kept me entertained.

O mobil se už starám.

And I was really excited to finally have something better than my other friends. Yes, my friends had good quality phones, but I was happy that I had a phone that was at least a notch above theirs. I wasn\’t really envious, but I was always very happy to be the center of attention. So I was really happy when people complimented me on my new phone. But there was one thing that didn\’t happen. We were doing such stupid things with our phones and taking pictures of everything around us. And then it happened. We were out in the meadow taking pictures of animals, and my phone just fell out of my hand and landed on a rock.

Taky máte stále mobil u sebe?

And disaster struck. Of course, the entire screen was cracked and I didn\’t know what to do. In the end, my parents scolded me a lot, but I sent the cell phone screen in for repair. Since then, I have been really careful with my expensive cell phone. Even now, several years later, I still regret the situation very much. Because I could see here that bragging about something usually leads to some misfortune. So it is better not to be jealous and be content with what you have.

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