Road traffic statistics provide us with interesting results regarding safe travel. While some of us are adrenaline-seeking adrenaline lovers on the highways and freeways, most responsible and sensible drivers, especially those with small children, avoid collision situations and consider road safety as a basic criterion. So when should we get behind the wheel to put our families and ourselves at as little risk as possible?
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We will try to answer this question by examining the number of traffic accidents that occurred between 2010 and 2015 in which the people involved were killed or injured. While the difference in the number of accidents on each day is small, it is still significant. Of course, it is undeniable that some days of the week are literally critical, while others are very relaxing,
depending on the cause and time of day.
There is no doubt that the most critical day is Friday. People rush home from work to take as long a break as possible, and on Fridays they usually go out for recreation at their cottages, vacation homes, or even hotels and guesthouses. Drivers are often tired from the weekly work cycle, and traffic jams and congestion on the roads are not conducive to a relaxing driving experience.
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The second worst day for travel is Monday. Most of us are already stressed out in the morning. We have to get up hard after the weekend, have a quick breakfast, and rush to work, especially in urban areas, where traffic is extremely heavy.
Wednesdaywas just as challenging as Monday. People are beginning to show signs of fatigue from the first three days and are wondering what they should buy for the weekend. Their thoughts are often so far removed from reality that it can cause traffic accidents.
Thursdayis similar, as such thoughts are heightened, and statistics show that these days are similar to Wednesday.
On weekends, people are less stressed, more relaxed, and generally more considerate on the road, except for rush hour on Sundays. Why are Tuesdays better? Because the stress of Monday\’s leisure-to-work transition has passed and people are already on the “upswing” to work, but still have plenty of energy. This is because, in general, most car accidents and injuries are caused by lack of attention and fatigue = stress.


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