Unfortunately, the incidence of civilized diseases is increasing today. In particular, these include diabetes, obesity, back pain, and cardiovascular disease. Many people consume excessive amounts of unhealthy foods and lack exercise.
We are also affected to some extent by our work. For example, sedentary jobs. These are causes of back pain. We are all busy at work every day, working in shifts. We are often forced to work under pressure and stress. This does not have a very positive impact on our health. In today\’s busy world, it is difficult to avoid these factors, but we should at least try to support our bodies with a healthy diet, exercise, and rest.
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Sometimes it can be difficult. Coming home from work tired, running, working out, and cooking healthy meals can, frankly, be terrifying. But you have to push yourself and sacrifice time for your health.
There are a few unquestionable rules that all people should keep in mind to stay healthy: 12]

Smoking should be avoided at all costs. Smoking is particularly harmful to the circulatory system. It increases the risk of thrombosis, heart attack, and stroke.
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Obesity is another dangerous factor for health. One might think that obesity is only an aesthetic issue, but the opposite is true. Like smoking, obesity puts us at risk. If you are gaining a little weight, it may be genetic. Some people can eat whatever they want, as much as they want, and not gain a gram of fat. And then there are those who gain weight just by looking at food. These people, unfortunately, have to adjust their diet. They should try to eat a balanced diet and consume fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. They should eat only small amounts of bread, ideally whole grains. [Adequate exercise is essential. It is not necessary to go to the gym every day, but try to walk for 30 minutes a day.

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