Even men have those days

Believe it or not, even men have bad moods, headaches, and irritability once in a while. What has it ever been worth? Hormones, especially testosterone, fluctuate in their levels, and then symptoms appear that can be likened to a man not being comfortable in his own skin. Usually nervous and irritable, symptoms vary from person to person.
oko na ruce
There is also scientific evidence that levels of the male hormone testosterone change at regular intervals and that this affects male behavior. Men\’s and women\’s bodies are very different, and while women are arranged by Mother Nature to have regular monthly menstrual periods, men\’s are quite different. This is because, in most cases, men keep their inner feelings to themselves.
Praise, praise, praise again

These days, it is best to praise and admire a man. If you disagree with something and he insists that he is the only one who is right, it is better not to contradict him or nod that he is right. If you are in a happy and contented relationship or marriage, then you are on your way. If he is struggling with something, don\’t pull your brain out of his head. If he wants to, he will tell you himself what\’s going on.
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It could also happen that he keeps to himself and doesn\’t communicate with anyone unless he has to, like at work. In that case, it is better to leave him alone, wait for him to be in a bad mood, and wait for him to become the loving man who lives by your side again. However, if \’\’his\’days\’\’ last longer than 10 days, it is appropriate to ask what is wrong. It could be depression as well as routine matters, in which case he should see a specialist as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary worry. Treatment can be cognitive-behavioral therapy or, if that does not work, antidepressants.

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