If you have never played much of a sport, but would like to change that, tennis may be the perfect option. This is because tennis is a sport suitable for all ages. From young children to retirees, you can play with no problem.
kreslený tenista
Furthermore, tennis is usually played by both men and women, often playing mixed doubles at the same time. Thus, it is not only an individual sport, but can also be enjoyed as a team game. You do not need anything special to play tennis. All you need to do is buy a proper racket, wear sneakers, shorts and a T-shirt, and stand on the court. Courts can be ordered in almost any city today.
vybavení na tenis
Thanks to white sports, physical fitness is greatly improved. If you play at least three sets once a week, within a few months you will greatly improve your cardiopulmonary function and lose a few pounds that were previously weighing you down. However, tennis is also ideal for strengthening muscles. Unlike other sports, tennis requires the use of the entire body, not just certain muscles. That is why tennis is one of the most demanding sports. It is complicated. But don\’t worry about not being able to keep up. Just find an equal partner and train together. You will see each other improve, and in time you will be able to challenge other players who are better.
mokrý tenisový míč
If you are thinking of enrolling your child or grandchild in a tennis school, keep in mind that the earlier you start, the more likely he or she will grow up to become the next Czech tennis star. Ideally, the first three years of life, but not always. There are players in worldtenniswho started at a much later age and now win major tournaments. The most important thing, of course, is that the child enjoys it and is not forced into it. Otherwise, the child may also become disenchanted with tennis and sports in general, and may end up playing for the rest of his or her life.

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