Basic Rules for Loading Dishes into a Dishwasher

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Each household appliance has unique characteristics that must be considered. Kitchen dishwashers are no exception. Certain principles related to both dishwasher operation and hygiene must be remembered. If you know you will not be using the dishwasher for an extended period of time and you leave dirty dishes in the box, rinse them briefly under running water or directly in the dishwasher using a special program. Dry food residues are difficult to wash.
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Rules for storing individual dishes
Dishes must be stacked inside so that the wash nozzles are not in the way. Therefore, the internal layout should also be divided into two (except for very small utensils for one set). As a general rule, similar dishes should be stored together. Dishes, for example, are next to each other. The same goes for pots and casserole dishes. On the other hand, fragile glasses should be placed on the top shelf. Be sure to put them in with the bottom up. Porcelain and glass bowls should be slanted correctly in the box and spaced at least 1 cm apart.
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The lower basket has sideboards and cutlery should be stored with the tips of the blades facing up to avoid overlapping or sticking together. On the other hand, sharp knives should be placed with their blades face down.

Frying pans and large flat pots

Place them only at the back of the lower box. If placed in the front, it will be impossible to apply detergent to other utensils.
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Unsuitable items for dishwashers

Wood and plastic are materials that are incompatible with dishwashers. There are, of course, a few exceptions. It is always necessary to check in advance whether plastic containers are suitable for automatic washing. The main reason for this limitation is the aggressive environment in the dishwasher, where hot water and chemical cleaning agents combine.
In addition to plastic and wooden cutting boards, long knives with wooden handles, pans and containers with Teflon coated surfaces, antique pewter, crystal, and fragile glass for decorative purposes should be hand washed.