Two bathrooms are common in new construction. Obviously, even when renovating a house, people try to include these two spaces in their homes. Of course, three is better than two. Often one is built for contingencies, such as near the entrance to the house. In this bathroom, a shower, toilet, and perhaps a washing machine are combined in one space. The second bathroom would then be a parent\’s bathroom with direct access from the bedroom, followed by the main bathroom used primarily by the children. In addition, the third emergency bathroom is often given over to the guests so that they can also feel at ease.malé umyvadlo
It is wise to have a shower in the house as well as a bathtub. This should be well thought out by everyone alone. If a family has children, a main bathroom with a bathtub will make it easier for them to run around and for you to take care of the baby, etc. Also, if someone with a limp lives with you, you may want to install a shower with accessories such as a seat or handrail.
Deciding on a washbasin is not easy either. Ideally, it should be conveniently located near the room\’s entry door. On the other hand, care should be taken not to bump the door. Washbasins are usually 55-65 cm wide, but some are smaller, such as 35 cm.
Of course, there are also smaller ones. For example, if you have a large family and only one bathroom, one for the toilet is useful. If the house is large enough, there is room for two washbasins side by side, which is very practical if you have a large family. Also, think about the height at which you want to place the washbasin. If you are a tall person, you definitely don\’t want to be rinsing your hands at knee level or vice versa. When choosing a system and materials, first and foremost, consider whether splashing water will be a problem and how difficult it will be to clean and maintain.

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