Nowadays, a sport for the whole family is a dream come true. Fitness centers, swimming pools, sports stadiums, and even bowling centers are sure to reopen, and we\’ll talk about them today. Let\’s prepare the playing field a bit. Let me give you some background.
First, if you are not an avid sportsman who is used to always winning, plan a family trip to the bowling alley. And even if you are someone who has to win all the time, you also “couldn\’t get it,” couldn\’t throw it, couldn\’t bowl …… If you are mad at yourself for the game because you “didn\’t get it,” then forget the family trip. You will only ruin their fun and enjoyable day.

bowlingová dráha

Plan to relax – when you can, of course – for example, have a family gathering at the bowling center, or celebrate a birthday, national holiday, or International Children\’s Day, a children\’s holiday! If you wish, our staff will provide refreshments.
All you have to do is play, have a drink, and a small snack. The celebration afterwards will take place in the center\’s restaurant. It is recommended that you reserve the lanes you wish to play on in advance.

mladík při bowlingové hře

Remind children strongly that they should not jump into lanes where bowling balls are rolling. Likewise, do not run up and throw the ball into the lane of someone who is throwing the ball into the lane. That is rude and should not be done. Of course, the kids will be offended and you won\’t mind kids running into your lane, but if they do run into another bowler\’s lane, they will not tolerate it. We guarantee that.
So remember to praise the kids for every throw, even if they don\’t knock down a pin, and play a tight game. See for yourself that it is a difficult game. It is also important that children choose a lighter ball. Bowling balls are color-coded and have different weights.

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