Mobile phones have become a part of everyone\’s life. To be honest, I myself do not know anyone who does not have a cell phone or do not know how to use one. This is because, apart from my neighbor, grandmother, and grandfather, these three people really do not know how to use a cell phone. Sure, they can only use it to call someone, but not to send text messages or look at something. But this doesn\’t bother me because I am always willing to help them whenever they need to get a text message or look at something on their cell phones. The worst part, however, is when a neighbor comes over and still wants something on their cell phone. It is really no exception to the many times they wake me up at midnight or 6:00 in the morning when they get a text message or someone calls them and they don\’t know who it is that is calling them.

Mobil mám spárovaný s počítačem.

And it\’s always a few seconds of work on the phone and she wakes me up to find out instead of putting me to sleep. Anyway, 99 percent of the time, she always tells me that it\’s bullshit and that I didn\’t even need to wake her up because the guy who called me is an asshole. That bothers me so much that I\’m thinking about telling her. I can\’t tell you how many times I\’ve written various instructions on a piece of paper, like how to retrieve text messages from her phone, or how to find out who called her and at what time.

Mobil mám stále u sebe.

But she doesn\’t even know how. It\’s really complicated. I\’m really on the edge of my nerves now, and one day I might explode and say something out loud. But the worst part is that my grandmother is in the exact same situation, but she\’s bad-mouthing my grandmother because she doesn\’t know how to use a cell phone. So I think my grandmother should just shut up and ask someone in the neighborhood to teach her how to use a cell phone. Also, do you have any sad and smiling experiences like that? If so, she must know how I always feel.

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