What do men fear about sex?

Even men experience overwhelming fear before sex. No doubt, everything that sex brings is familiar and pleasurable to them, but that doesn\’t mean they don\’t deal with the concerns that may arise during sex.
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Worrying about whether they are good enough

While it may seem that men only think about themselves and their own needs during sex, the truth is quite different. Every man wants to spend an intimate moment with the woman he has pampered, feeling more than he was good for. And it is only natural that they do their best to prove to themselves as well as their partners that they are not amateurs at sex.
But even then, worrying too much about whether one\’s performance is good enough can ruin the whole course and ultimately leave the woman unsatisfied. Still, one should enjoy the moment and not think about whether one has done everything according to the manuscript.

Size complex

Women see the size of men\’s boasts, but at the same time they do not emphasize it too much. In fact, they measure every inch and cheer if a man is over-equipped. A far more important factor is how they know how to handle it and use it for love and pleasure.
Why bother with size charts and the ubiquitous assertion that bigger is better? Not all situations and not all men are the same. On the other hand, some women look good in smaller sizes. If you have some experience and know that you enjoy sex as much as possible, there is no reason to have an unnecessary size complex!
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Yes, studies show that women rarely reach orgasm, and not all men can satisfy their partners with climax. But there is no need to worry in advance, because the magic of reaching orgasm lies only in communicating with your partner. If she tells you exactly what she likes and how to get it, you\’ve got an ace up your sleeve to help you give it to her. Because sometimes all you need is a little bit of flair and skill.

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