Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles

Nowadays, few people can imagine life without automobiles. The origins of the automobile date back to the late 18th century, a far cry from today\’s steam-powered vehicles. the first internal combustion engines were put into operation in the early 19th century, beginning a new era of automobiles. the first electric cars were produced in the early 20th century, and who would have thought then that electric cars would gradually replace the internal combustion engine vehicles of today? Who would have thought that electric vehicles would gradually replace today\’s internal combustion engine vehicles?

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Why electric cars? Electric vehicles are significantly less expensive to operate and more environmentally friendly than vehicles with internal combustion engines. In particular, electric vehicles do not require oil changes or spark plug replacements, thus saving significant maintenance costs. Electric vehicles also save on liability insurance because they are smaller in volume than vehicles with internal combustion engines. Another advantage is charging, which can be done almost anywhere, even in a home garage. Fast-charging stations are also available, and for an additional fee, the battery is fully charged within 30 minutes. Recently, some cars can travel up to 400 km on a single charge.

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But like everything, electric cars have their drawbacks. One drawback is the high purchase price, which is approximately one million crowns. In addition, electric vehicles have a higher accident rate than conventional vehicles. Older electric cars were prone to discharge in winter due to poor battery insulation, but this problem has disappeared with newer types of electric cars. Most of the hesitation to purchase an electric car is probably due to the low number of charging stations. In the Czech Republic, there are currently 800 charging stations in operation. As long as you can get home safely.