Internet Threats and Risks

The Internet is a modern convenience, and many people find it useful. However, many risks lurk in the Internet

, including.
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Does it not make sense? For example, there are many cases of an old gentleman who likes young girls and impersonates someone on social media. He then writes to the girls and arranges to meet them personally. In the best cases, the girls ended up running away, but not always so lucky.

When it comes to dating on social media, many bullies rely on the innocence and carelessness of young girls.

It\’s so easy and really no big deal. All you need is access to the Internet, where you can easily get photos of the person you are impersonating, set up a fake profile, and contact the girl/boy of your choice from there.

Unfortunately, many teenagers are unaware of this, which is partly the fault of their mothers and fathers and partly the fault of schools that do not provide enough of the information they really need. Less information leads to inconvenience. One such mistake can turn a young person\’s life upside down.
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The best prevention is warning. In adolescence, control is not at all out of place.

Other risks include such as cyberbullying and loss of privacy.

Finally, let us just say that children are our most precious treasure that we should protect like the eyes in our heads. We should provide our children with enough of the necessary information and valuable advice to prevent the dangers and threats that are everywhere today.