Hunting hobby

The first step is very simple, That is, basically. And it’s all about knowledge, and it’s up to you.

Step one find a hunting association that provides practice. This association should also provide a tutor, that is, a teacher called a patron, and try to devote all the knowledge of forest wisdom to you.

Step number 2 is similar and can even fall. You must ensure a hunting associationhas the right to organize hunting tests by law. Yes, this is really the law and I would never recommend bypassing it. If the association you choose has it, you win.
cestička v lese

The third step is to complete the paperworkby filling out the application formgiven to you by your mentor. Or just those who have it. And that’s it. Then it starts.

Now you need to take a hunting course, which includes shooting. Thiscourse lasts for 1 yearand at the beginning of it you should receive a so-called proficient book, in which your performance, exams and other things will be written for you. It is different for each association, some of them want to organize exhibitions and participate in them, others want to do this over there with something else.
daněk evropský

After a year of learning and torture, you should receiveconfirmation.On that basis, you will receive a hunting ticket, and also on that basis you must apply for a weapons license. Here you will need a variety of insurance, both mandatory and optional, and we will let you know about them when handing over hunting tickets to the district. And that’s it. Basically. About the procedure.

And you stillneed to undergo training and exams to get a gun license.
divoká prasata

I will not address here the question of whether you became a hunter, because he did not become. For this, there must be another special course, and the exam takes place from several subjects.You became a hunter. But here the name Hunter is entrenched and entrenched, so why not. In our country, hunters who did not have a school and were not professional hunters were called Nimrod, and everyone knew what they were doing.

So, just knowing very easily what is waiting for you, you will learn more. For example, how to walk in the snow to “feed” or help to make something. good luck..


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