The most common things we do to annoy men

done with one.If a man does not suffer from hearing loss, do not teach him to repeat everything over and over again and repeat what has already been said forever. A man can hear your voice. Remind him to change the bulb 1 to 3 times a day and sometimes ask him if he is hungry does not achieve anything. The guy who calls him knows what is being asked of him. He just has his own pace.
Pár – žena má boxerské rukavice
The second mother.What drives men the most is excessive maternal care. Gender already has a mother, so be his partner and do not control him forever. An adult man can decide whether he is hungry or cold, and whether he should pack extra socks. Therefore, if he himself does not ask you directly for advice, do not advise.
Eternal Life.It is in women\’s nature to argue the same thing over and over again. And discuss them again and again from all sides. But most men are not very clear and are quite tired of talking about the same thing over and over again. Therefore, sometimes try to deny yourself and remain silent for at least a while. The fact that a man is silent does not always mean that something is happening or something is wrong.
Constant cleaning. I\’m cleaning. All the time. And you usually force your partner to eternal cleaning. Do not forget that everyone is set differently, and what is needed in 1, the other 1 can/will be pleased to move the day. Therefore, if a friend invited you to bowling when you are brushing the window at another time, go quietly and leave the window at another time. There are more important things than cleaning. It should not take precedence over the needs of the family.
Uražená žena s mužem v posteli
Flattering and reassuring.We are always asking for opinions. Wondering how he liked the new cake, whether the new dress suits us, and whether he does not look fat in the new skirt, women, rather, need a certain sense of security about the trifles that drive men crazy. Recognize that this is our own need for self-reflection, and often low self-esteem. As well as the constant need for flattery, which is supposed to increase our self-esteem.

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