How to be a man

With men it is really very difficult sometimes. I know this because I am alone and I have yet to meet a man that I really feel is perfect. Something always seems to go wrong. But honestly, sometimes I have no idea if it\’s me or not. I often wonder if maybe I am unlucky with men and will be alone for the rest of my life. I have been alone for a really long time. I\’ve only been in two serious relationships in my life. And they were in my early twenties. You may be thinking that I am still young and that I will meet the love of my life or the man of my dreams. I just stopped believing it. How many times have I fallen in love and then had my heart broken? I mean, it really bothered me, and I told myself that I would probably give up on love and concentrate on myself, my work, and my hobbies instead of looking for a man.

Muži mají svou hlavu.

But every so often, you say one thing and fate does something else. Of course, I found an unexpected man through an unexpected event. As a matter of fact, I had a really good time with him at first. He was a fine gentleman with a great sense of humor, very kind and dignified, the type of man I was always looking for. But about a year into our relationship, I found out that he was actually leading a double life.

Každá žena touží po lásce.

He had another family and even two children that he never told me about. I hated this so much that I told myself I would stay away from men for at least two years to sort out my thoughts and find myself. What do you think about men? Or are you still looking for a soul mate or love like I am? I hope to find love someday and I think I deserve a man\’s love. I am a good woman and I think I deserve to be loved. But time will tell.

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