A cell phone that can be used for everything

I always wanted a quality cell phone, but I could not find one anywhere. There were cell phones that I saw everywhere, but I wasn\’t interested. You may be thinking, “I\’m not interested in that. Of course you are right. I\’m hard on technology and other electrical things, especially cell phones, but other than that I\’m really nice and unpretentious. For example, I\’ll put up with the usual no-brand clothes, shoes, and handbags, but I always want to have a good quality, up-to-date cell phone and other electrical appliances, like a TV. I don\’t know about you, but I\’m not embarrassed at all, and I don\’t mind having those things. And maybe it\’s the influence of my parents, who have always engraved in my mind that quality always comes first.

Už i můj syn má mobilní telefon.

And I am right. Of course, when it comes to what you want, quality always comes first. I told myself that if I wanted something better and of higher quality, of course I would be willing to overpay. And this is not a problem for me at all. But some people value quantity over quality. That is a problem for me.

Znáte bitcoiny?

Some people want to get four cheap phones. I would prefer to get one cell phone even if it costs 25,000 kronor. So there are a lot of people who want a lot of cell phones, and there are people who want two more cell phones for quality. Which group do you belong to? Do you prefer quality or quantity? Also, I think back to my former partner, he was too focused on quantity. He wanted to be like a junkman, so he would buy up and sell cell phones very cheaply. Everyone around him laughed at him and I was really embarrassed. I was too. Fortunately, he and I broke up after that, but I regret starting anything with him.