Men as they are

Men have always been a topic in itself. I always told myself that when I grew up I would find a man who was likable and above all hardworking and faithful. Because I was really sick and tired of men who were cheating and hopping around after all kinds of women. I did not want that kind of man. I just wanted a man who was mine. But even though I wanted it, reality was different. And I told myself that I would really look for the perfect, careful man. And like I said, I did. And I never really wanted to date anyone. I always wanted someone who was truly worthy. So I told myself I would check out all men just in case. It\’s better that way, I said. Nothing wrong with being vetted, right? My friends say it\’s not a good idea to check someone out on the Internet.

Muži mají rádi adrenalin.

They say to trust. But how? Sure, yes, you have to trust someone. But how can you trust someone when they let you down so badly once? I know you think that one disappointment is not so bad. It\’s okay, and it\’s not awful. I\’m just a very sensitive person. I\’m a sensitive woman who takes unfairness and infidelity really badly, and I\’d rather be alone all the time than have a strange husband.

Muži jsou ale důležití.

And I\’ve been alone for 2 1/2 years. But I must say I\’m getting quite used to it, and even enjoying it a bit. I don\’t mind being alone. But of course, I do long for male hugs and caresses. We\’ll see how things go from here. But of course, I am sure that he is a faithful, hardworking man who likes me a lot. What demands do you make of a man? And what do you look for in a man? I know that many women like strong men with too much testosterone. What about you?

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