What has gone wrong must be made right. Men know this as well as women do, and sometimes they misbehave to the point of needing to make up for it. But how do we find the right way to make up for everything we have done and apologize?

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Gifts are always appreciated!!!

No woman will turn down a gift to make up for what her partner did.

Men rely on the reassurance of flowers. Flowers speak for themselves and are excellent apologetic tools. And of course, the bigger the bouquet, the more touching and apologetic it is.

But if they have “butter on their heads” and know that flowers won\’t solve everything, they opt for a gift of more luxurious and expensive proportions. Often this includes jewelry, shoes, handbags, and even borrowing a credit card to shop for themselves. This is definitely something that makes women happy, and they consider it a pretty decent compensation for any damage to their self-esteem in the form of emotional distress.

Some gentlemen also count on an invitation to a fine restaurant for a nice and enjoyable evening. It is true that this is hit or miss, but only if you don\’t usually invite your partner out to dinner, which is probably no longer a thing.
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Equally important is a verbal apology

If you cannot utter a simple and genuine verbal apology, you have failed as a man. Most important is eye contact and, of course, humility. [A woman needs to know how much you care about her and that you are strong and mature enough to apologize the way you should apologize.

It must be said that this stage is not one of the stronger aspects that men possess. Many men do not feel the need to explode with emotion, even in a crisis situation or if they have made a mistake. In fact, such men are too proud to even show themselves to have made a mistake. Believe me, a heartfelt apology is far more important to women, and they don\’t even need the gift that comes with it!

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