Alfa Romeo

This company was founded in 1910 and began producing its first cars. The Alfa Romeo 147 was produced from 2001 to 2010. This Alfa was small but economical with a 1.9 JTD engine: 4 liters per 100 km. Equipment varied depending on the year of production. Most cars had el. Windows were roll-down, but some had leather interiors. The Alfa Romeo 147 was built as a hackback; it was available with three or five doors. The car weighed only 1200 kg and was light and nimble. Some were equipped with an on-board PC.
Alfa Romeo 159
The Alfa Romeo 156 was manufactured as a saloon as well as a combi (sport wagon) and was also available with a gasoline engine and diesel. The gasoline engine was better suited for this brand of sports car. There were various versions of the engine, including 1.8TS (twin spark), 1.9JTD, 2.0, and 2.4JTD. The interior was a beautiful red or black leather interior. The seats had creature markings. The dashboards of these cars were perfectly contrived and had orange or white alarms.
Alfa Romeo 156
The center panels were well thought out and spacious. The heater was also in the rear and passengers had heat in the rear as well. The exterior of this car had beautiful xenon headlights and a large heart-shaped hood. The original Alfa 16-inch aluminum wheels made the car stable when cornering and on public roads. The rear doors did not have handles in the usual places like other cars, but were attached next to the windows. It was also very rolling. It was worthy and appropriate for a sports car.