It is no problem to find ads that refer to the collection of hops. In addition, it is also very attractive, 12-22 days of work, more than 20,000 rewards, this is not a bad income at all. Another very obvious problem is the provision of accommodation, if it is calculated that part-time workers come from afar, but in this case there is also a bonus in the form of paid transport. A pleasant surprise is the reward received after the harvest is completed. Proof of the fair attitude of the employer is also a very detailed employment contract that the candidate receives. However, there are also some obstacles.
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Unforgettable is also the particular aura that she is surrounded by thanks to the narration of her parents, supported by a picture of an old man in Hop. Therefore, the reason for choosing this brigade may not be financial benefits, but the desire to try its atmosphere.


 …And cheeks

The first thing you need to think about is whether there is time, because, unlike other brigades, where you can arrange the dates of arrival and departure, it is impossible here. Since the harvest depends on the weather, it can easily happen that it ends only in the 9th month – the time of start, admission, exams and many other school duties. Therefore, most of the 8th and 9th months should be allocated to it.
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If a person does not want to pay a fat fine, then it is not very possible to cancel participation at the last minute. In particular, the contract is obligated to part-time workers, who have very limited chances of withdrawing from it. There is an understandable desire to secure enough manpower for critical time. This is understandable insurance, but for those who are interested, it is a very good idea to balance whether they really want such a brigade, the only way to get out of the contract without a penalty is a serious illness. At the same time, it is almost impossible to leave early, the exception is again only serious medical reasons, which must be confirmed by the invited doctor. Not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages are the fact that a person spends 8-10 hours (of their choice) outdoors in the hot sun, intense manual labor, and the first few days can be a pleasant change from the usual routine, but after a week or two it may not be.



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