Help your child to graduate successfully. Realizing that this exam, called the first major test of life, is extremely stressful and difficult for any teenager, it is a necessity to give your child the confidence and belief that he or she will pass playfully and easily.
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What can I do on my own?

Parents often leave the learning process and the child\’s spontaneous behavior entirely up to the child. However, this is also a mistake for which they are responsible for not preparing for graduation consistently and to the best of their ability. Don\’t count on things going well. An overview of your child\’s skills and knowledge is a good guide to success on the exam.
Do not be afraid to discuss with him or her any concerns or lacking knowledge. If you know that he/she feels some gaps and finds it difficult to have some information or topics at hand, it is not wrong to opt for special preparation such as tutoring.
It is also important to support him emotionally with the fact that you believe in him and are confident he can handle it.
If he starts to panic or become anxious about what he is actually going to do, you should praise and support him.

It is also essential to show him more affection than ever during this time, but at the same time give him enough space and privacy

so that he does not become too stressed by your presence and worry.
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Sacrificing Leisure Activities

The key to success in terms of success is also not wasting the free time your child has on just doing nothing and having fun. It is better to temporarily limit hobbies and activities that merely divert attention unnecessarily from their duties. First of all, it is essential to focus one\’s attention and time on not wasting any spare time by enjoying oneself. Of course, rest is inevitable, but only in moderation, and there is no time to be idle, either daily or on weekends. The graduation period is the time when most effort should be devoted to study.

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