“Do you drive like Fittipaldi? Emerson Fittipaldi has been involved in motorsports literally since birth. His father Wilson Fittipaldi and mother Juzy were both avid and active racers. There was no shortage of funds, which did not stop Emerson from following the same path as his parents.


  • Emerson\’s well-trodden path may seem to have made it easier for him to enter the world of F3 than anyone else.
  • While there was some truth to this, Emerson soon proved to be not only well known, but also quite talented.

The results were immediate, and the young racer began to build a respectable career. Ironically, he was saved by tragedy when British racer Piers Courage ran off the track at an F1 race in Zandvoort, Holland, and subsequently died. Team owner Frank Williams appointed Emerson as his replacement. The 1972 season saw him win five races and beat two-time world champion Jackie Stewart, literally catapulting him to the top of Formula One.

  • There were disagreements within the Lotus team, and Emerson Fittipaldi left to join the competition.
  • He signed a three-year contract with McLaren.

Career-ending mistake

In 1976, however, Fittipaldi made the crucial mistake of moving to Coperscal Fittipaldi in Brazil, which effectively marked the end of Fittipaldi\’s success, In the five years that followed, he only appeared on the podium twice,

motosportand he was only able to win one of the most prestigious awards of his career, the “Podium of the Year” in 1985.


  • After 1980, he retired.
  • Once wealthy, Fittipaldi put most of his fortune into the team and left his wife.

After a disappointing return to F1, Emerson moved to the American SeriesIndyCarswhere he was a member of the prestigiousIndyCar Series. Celebrating victory in the prestigiousIndianapolis 500-mile race,he crashed at Michigan, ending his career.

  • Inducted into the American Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2001.

  • He has led the Brazilian national team in the A1GP series since 2006.

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