Women can easily spot a man lying

Some men are masters at lying and it is difficult to spot their subtle fabrications, but those who don\’t lie are often not actually that good at it. You shouldn\’t lie, you would think, but what else can you do when such a trivial lie can be merciful or, conversely, help the relationship? In such cases, it is easy to lie to one\’s partner in order to prevent a possible relationship breakdown.
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But there are a number of signals to lie. How is this possible? The answer is simple. There are many emotions associated with lying, including guilt, fear, and shame. And these emotions automatically trigger a series of physical processes that you cannot control. Thanks to these emotions, your lie will be exposed, even if you thought you were fully prepared to lie beforehand.
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So if you feel the need to not tell your partner the truth, beware of common mistakes that will reveal to women that you are trying to deceive them.
1. Avoid eye contact
In normal conversation, there is nothing wrong with looking straight into a woman\’s eyes, but when lying, suddenly you don\’t know where to look and either look at the ceiling or rather let your eyes fall to the ground. Also, blinking more often indicates that you are not telling the truth.
2. Swallow more
The increased stress associated with lying causes more swallowing because the increased adrenaline secretion triggers saliva.
3. Takes longer to answer
Unexpected questions are harder to answer, so it may take longer to think of an answer. However, this does not make them totally trustworthy.
4. Conversely, are you speaking too quickly
The explanation is long but empty of substance. Relying on details and long explanations buys you a little time, but makes it easier to get entangled in your own lies.
5. Blush
When you lie, your skin often turns suddenly red, which is caused by stress. However, lies are easily detected.
6. Shuffling your feet
If you are nervous when lying, you may shuffle your feet without realizing it. Your body is subconsciously expressing its desire to walk away and leave the scene.

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